I think it would be best to present a short overview of what the content of this blog will be.  This introduction will be the template for the main body of this blog.  There will be, from time to time, a straying from this template to highlight some certain point or another but for the most part it should stay fairly consistent.

In our daily lives, as Christians, some of us tend to separate our secular lives from our time we spend in prayer, in church or participating in whatever ministries that we may be involved in. We tend to compartmentalize our lives into the time that we spend at work, at recreation, apart from the time that we spend with God either listening to Him or practicing whatever rituals we believe will satisfy our requirement to get what ever we think we need from God. The fact is that God created us for Himself, this whole world this whole universe, the whole of creation was created so that we as individuals would return the love that God shows us in creation itself! Realizing this brings a particular responsibility to the person, so that she or he must now take a bit of different perspective of their life and instead of thinking what one can get from God now one must discern what God is communicating to, or asking of, us.

When God “talks,” to us, He communicates and reveals Himself to us constantly and consistently throughout our lives in very real ways. He reveals Himself to us not only on a consistent basis but at many different levels of which there are differing responses that we are called to make to Him in a real and fitting manner.

In this treatment we will discuss five levels of communication that God shares with us, these five can be further broken down to sub-levels but for our purposes we will pretty much stick to the 5 levels themselves. These levels or methods of communication will be presented in our next installment along with some discussion on how the material will be presented.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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