2nd Sunday of Lent 2015


The willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac back to God demonstrates the type of faith that God wants all of us to have in Him. Despite all that Abraham must have been feeling about having to kill his beloved son, the one born to him in his old age, the one promised to him by God that would be the one from whom a great nation shall spring, his only beloved son. The agony of emotions that Abraham had to endure as a loving father, having to sacrifice his only son, must have been nearly unbearable. At the last moment, however, God stays his hand because Abraham has proven his love for God in his willingness to make even this sacrifice.

In the Gospel we have the scene on the mountain where God the Father speaks from the cloud and calls Jesus His beloved Son, the beloved Son who the Father will allow to be sacrificed. This time the hand will not be stayed, the sacrifice will be accomplished, and not a sacrifice of man to God but a sacrifice of God to man, for our salvation. What God would not allow Abraham to do God in fact does, giving us His only beloved Son in humility and love thus allowing His creatures to become His adopted sons and daughters through Christ.

Your servant in Christ

Deacon Bill


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