Lenten Reflection on the Gospel of John


It is no secret, in the Gospel of John, that Jesus in fact the Christ, the Savior of the world, the Son of God. There is however a continuing revelation of Jesus throughout the Gospel with a subsequent perception by certain people who realize this very fact. The crowd seems to be confused about Jesus in that they know Him and where He is from along with the mighty deeds He has done and yet the prophesies say that no one will know where the “Savior” of Israel will be from, so how could He be the Christ? Jesus in tern points out that they really do not know where He is from and goes on to tell them that He is truly from the Father who sent Him.

Throughout Gospel of John, Jesus speaks repeatedly about being sent by Father to do Father’s will and work; to accomplish his mission. Over thirty times in John, Jesus speaks of being “sent.” He emphasizes that his mission derives from the Father’s mission or will. He speaks more of the Father’s agency than of his own––“I am sent” more than “I have come,” and thus drawing His authority from the Father. As stated earlier, we are privy to the origins of Jesus from the very beginning of the Gospel and are allowed to follow His revelation throughout His ministry as well as the response of the people to Him and we can see two distinct responses and characteristics of those who are responding; those who stand in the light and respond to Christ in belief and those who stand in darkness and reject the Word of God.

As we move into the last week of Lent, let us endeavor to be more and more children of the light, seeking the revelation that God gives us on a daily basis in His Word, His being in the Eucharist and in the love that we share with one another so that we may be more spiritually prepared than ever before for that joyous Easter morning!

Your servant in Christ

Deacon Bill


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