Easter 2015, He is Risen!


What do you see when you peer into that empty tomb with Mary Magdalene, Peter and John?
Even though Jesus talked about it several times the disciples still had no idea what this “rising from the dead” really meant, what it was all about. After the death of Jesus the disciples were hiding in fear that they might be the next ones to be arrested and killed. They were confused that their master, who they understood as a great man of power and wisdom, had actually been killed, they thought He had failed to accomplish His mission. Little did they know that it was only through this suffering and death, that Christ would bring them, along with all believers in the ages to come, into a new life. This new life will be different however, this new life will be one filled with hope and joy in the knowledge of a saving God who has “visited His people” and “set them free from sin and death!” Jesus becomes the model for this new faith, this new Church, the model of dying to ones self and ones sins only to rise in the newness of life in the knowledge of what Christ has done for us and the saving graces that flow from His Passion, Death and Resurrection!
That cross, an instrument of torture and death has now become a sign of victory for all ages, a sign that we proudly display in memory of His triumph! His death brings us to this new life in the Spirit, and His resurrection allows Him to be present to us in our lives through His Church, the Sacraments and through one another! God is indeed with His people and Christians throughout the world are standing firm in their faith, even at the cost of their lives, proclaiming that this world is not an end, it is but the beginning of their lives in eternity with Him.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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