Demise of the Family Unit in the United States


The events leading to the same sex marriage act had been happening in our society since the 1930s. The listing of the events that proceeded this attempted change in the definition of marriage follows. This is more of a work in progress rather than a comprehensive list but it is a start to document a sad decline in the morals of what was once a great nation.

1930 Lambeth Conference where the Anglican Church reversed the 1920 conference’s rejection of contraception. Most major Christian groups followed over the next 40 years.

1935 FDR creates social security. Americans begin to depend on governments providing needs instead of having to work for them.

1938 A judge lifts the federal ban on birth control.

1960 The first oral contraceptive was approved by the US FDA for contraception.

1963 Publication of “The Feminine Mystique” which helped jump start second wave feminism. Mrs. Friedman later went on to help found NOW, National Organization of Women. It is not that her book outright rejected marriage, but tended to push an idea that women shouldn’t settle for being mothers.

1963 The United States Supreme Court abolished state-sponsored prayer in public schools.

1965 The United States Supreme Court gives married couples the right to use birth control.

1966 The National Organization for Women is founded. Among its founders is Betty Friedan who would compare the family to “a comfortable concentration camp.”

1967 Yes, The Pill was approved by the FDA in 1960, but the marketing push began in the April 7, 1967 cover story by Time magazine about The Pill. The word Freedom would always be the most abused term, but, at the time, people trusted Time magazine more. “Contraception: Freedom from Fear.” Fear of what? That “bundle of joy,” that “gift from God”? That’s right – babies are now the subject of fear.

1968 After hearing from his advisers regarding their thoughts about artificial contraception, Pope Paul VI decides not to follow their advice and affirms constant Church teaching against artificial contraception by having Humanae Vitae published. The reaction was swift and the 5 year plan was put into full motion. “Within 24 hours, in an event unprecedented in the history of the Church, more than 200 dissenting theologians signed a full-page ad in The New York Times in protest. Not only did they declare their disagreement with encyclical’s teaching; they went one step further, far beyond their authority as theologians, and actually encouraged dissent among the lay faithful. Source: Regnum Christi

1968 US FDA approves intrauterine devices (IUDs) for contraception.

1969 California is the first U.S. state to adopt “no-fault” divorces in the United States, other states would soon follow.

1970- Congress enacts Title X of the Public Health Services Act, providing funding for family planning services, educational programs, and research. The White House Conference on Children recommends “consumer-determined, publicly funded programs of 1) family life, sex and population education and, 2) voluntary family planning services and safe abortion, available for all.”

1971 Let’s start spreading the lies a bit further and cause conflict and confusion among the sexes. Ms. magazine (yes, that’s where that divisive word comes from) is co-founded by radical feminist Gloria Steinem who said, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” The Women’s Liberation Movement is here. You should hate being a housewife or a mother. Men, all men, are the enemy, including those men running the Catholic Church. “Sisters! Throw off the chains of your oppression!” What is the proper role for women? Get power! You are in charge! Get a high-powered career! Forget kids. Or, if YOU want them, leave them at Day Care, and when they’re old enough, give them a key. 18 and out. Or abortion.

1972 The United States Supreme Court legalizes birth control for all citizens, initiating rampant promiscuity in the US. Female reproductive self-control was seen as essential for full economic independence from men.

1973 The United States Supreme Court legalizes abortion, the legalized killing of our children begins. There was also mention of a vague “right to privacy,” but Jane Roe, whose real name is Norma McCorvey, never got an abortion. She is a Catholic now.

1973 Pressure from insurance carriers that had to pay for treatments and the development of a politically active gay community in the United States, leads the Board of Directors of the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. (Declasified as a mental disorder.)

1975 Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs) are introduced to the mass market allowing for pornography to be viewed in privacy of the home, greatly reducing the shame and stigma attached to obtaining porn, and lowered the barrier to entry, not to mention making it increasingly accessible to younger and younger children.

1993, CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be free to anyone, with no fees allowing for even greater access to pornography.

1998- Viagra, a drug for treating erectile dysfunction, explodes on the market, again focusing on the availability of sex without responsibility.

2000 The first abortion pill was approved for use in the United States by the US FDA.

2003 The United States Supreme Court reversed the constitutionality of sodomy laws, invalidating sodomy laws in the last remaining states.

2015 The United States Supreme Court legalizes same sex marriage, redefining what marriage has meant for thousands of years.

The following quote is from a forum member on Catholic Answers web site;
“In the late 1960s, people dressed as Hippies and Anarchists lived with their girlfriends. I heard the following from a Hippie friend of mine: “I don’t need no piece uh paper tuh live with my old lady.” They rejected their parents, the Church, and legitimate authorities, and used illegal drugs. Smoke dope. Porn is good. “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” Marriage meant nothing.

In the 1970s, right off the Wayne State University campus, I walked into a bookstore and it was filled, floor to ceiling, with books about Eastern mysticism. As long as it wasn’t Christian, it was OK. My Hippie friend also referred to fornication as performing “natural acts.” And the foundational idea was sex, sex and more sex — with anybody. “Hey, man. If it feels good, do it.”

Right and wrong? No. “Do your own thing.” Whatever it was, it was OK. This took decades of being portrayed in movies and on TV to poison us as a people. The poison was gradually dripped into our veins. And listen to the opening song to Family Guy, which mentions “those values on which we used to rely.” They knew exactly what they were doing.

Like frogs in pots on the stove, we started out in pots of cool water, then it got warmer, and a little warmer, and warmer… and now it’s boiling. With sexual and other sins. And people ask: “How did it all change?” Al Kresta on Catholic Radio tells us that “Catholics are suffering through 40 years of amnesia.” What caused that? Nothing?

We better realize what the causes were NOW. No more dope. No more sex with anybody. No more porn. No more, “I think I found an exception to the rules!” meaning what the Church has ALWAYS told us was right and wrong.
But bad habits are hard to break, I understand. But it’s time to start. It’s time to work against sin, and I include myself, in our lives. Taking the “easy way” as proposed by the radicals was the wrong way. Today is NOT better than 40 years ago. If we don’t get that then things will continue to influence us in a bad way. That TV show about walking dead? Game of thrones? We’re supposed to justify that? Act as if it can fill our minds and not affect us? Wake up, please. Stop thinking about those things that are bad, wrong and spiritually harmful.” edwest2 Catholic Answers Forums

Your Servant in Christ

Deacon Bill


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