16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


In the Gospel last Sunday Jesus sent the Apostles out on a mission to preach the Good News to heal the sick and to free people of unclean spirits. Today, a bit later in the Gospel of Mark the Apostles have returned and are telling Jesus all that they did and said on their mission. Jesus sees the need for them to rest after their successful journeys so He gets them to go to a secluded place with him. Jesus is “tending to His flock” here, He is seeing to the needs of His closest followers making sure that they have food and rest after their labor. Next we see this crowd of people who have followed Jesus and His disciples to this isolated area “like sheep without a shepherd.” Jesus then turns his attention to this “flock” and tends to their needs, teaching them the Good News.

In this Gospel Jesus recognizes the needs of the people around Him, His disciples need for rest and the crowds need for the message of the Gospel. Jesus also recognizes our needs and is still active in the world, through the Church, strengthening us through the sacraments, especially through the Eucharist in which we receive Him as the food that gives everlasting life.
We all have needs to be met, but when we only look to the world to have our needs met we are missing the mark. Let us take the example of the Apostles and the crowd in the Gospel, let us take our needs to our Lord and Savior who gives us what we truly require.

Your servant in Christ

Deacon Bill


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