28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B


In the Gospel today the disciples were amazed and exceedingly astonished at the words of Jesus when He said that it is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. They had this reaction because in their culture it was thought that the rich were favored by God and that they would certainly be the first to enter into heaven since God took such good care of them on Earth. The concept that Jesus was trying to get across to them was so counter cultural they could not comprehend it. Jesus understood that the man that had approached Him was not just wealthy but very much attached to that wealth as well, so much so that he could not part with it even to follow Jesus Himself and gain “treasure in heaven.” Jesus makes the point that the attachment to worldly things pulls us away from that which we should be aspiring, our heavenly goal. Jesus continues to call us to be counter cultural in our own day and age, we are called to detach ourselves from material goods, to respect human life, to lead virtuous lives, to be good stewards of our world and its resources. All of these things, done with faithful hearts, bring us closer to our heavenly reward and eternal communion with our loving Creator. When we find the going hard and get frustrated with ourselves for stumbling on our spiritual journey and fall prey to sin, we should remember the words of encouragement that Jesus says to the disciples, that with God “all things are possible,” even for each of us to be saints in His heavenly kingdom!

Your servant in Christ

Deacon Bill


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