33rd Sunday Ordinary Time


The readings for today are very eschatological, that is a fancy way of saying that they deal with the “end times.” It seems that people are very interested with the end of the world. One sees signs on street preachers saying “The end is near,” or we read books on how all the things that are going on now show that this must be near to the end of the world. Groups have even gathered at particular times in places that are supposed to be the best place to be at the end of the world only to walk away disappointed that it did not happen when someone said it would. The point of the readings is not to predict when the end will be but to give us incentive to change our own lives for the better to be ready for our own end times. As in every endeavor that we take part in, there is always room for improvement, this is true of our spiritual lives as well. Ones formation in the faith should not end with the sacrament of Confirmation, in fact that should be the beginning of our real efforts to learn more about the faith and advance ones spiritual development as well due to the fact that we have been given the fullness of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation and now have access to the gifts of the Spirit. These gifts of, fear of the Lord, piety, knowledge, understanding, counsel, wisdom and fortitude are accessible to us through our prayer life. The more that we practice using these gifts the better we will become at gaining the bountiful graces that we need to become better Christians and better people. So as we dwell on the end times and realize that our own end time could come at any hour of any day, it is never too late to practice the faith that we have been given and become that saint that God has created us to become. Amen.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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