Christmas, Been There….


Christmas is over, all of the gifts have been open and all of the wrapping paper is tied up in garbage bags waiting to be picked up. The tree is dropping more needles and should be taken down soon so as not to be a fire hazard. Most of the relatives have gone home except for that annoying Uncle Sidney who will most likely not leave for another week since Boston is so cold this time of year. Yes Christmas is over, or is it? On the Church calendar the Christmas season is celebrated for 17 days to the feast of The Baptism of the Lord and during this time many important feasts are celebrated such as the Solemnity of Mary the Holy Mother of God and The Epiphany. Let us put the Church calendar aside and think about what this whole Christmas thing is really all about, it is about a gift, a gift from God. The whole event of the Incarnation changed the world forever, it even changed the way that we reckon time. Now that God has come into the world as a human being, died for our sins and rose from the dead, the doors of Heaven have opened up for us and we are invited to share everlasting life in Heaven. All of this has been done because of that day which we celebrated just a week ago. So when we think about what happened that Christmas day, we not only remember that Jesus was born but we also celebrate Jesus in our lives, Jesus as he comes to us through one another, Jesus as the body of Christ in the Church and Jesus in the sacraments especially the Eucharist. So as you can see, we should be welcoming Jesus into our lives and hearts at all times throughout the year, so now one day one season becomes all of time so we may celebrate Christmas forever. Amen

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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