Third Sunday of Easter 2016


The disciples encounter with the risen Lord in today’s Gospel gives us great insight into the way that we may find ourselves in a personal encounter with Christ.  The disciples are doing mundane work, that of fishing.  They are not attending synagogue or gathered around the Eucharistic table or even engaged in contemplative prayer, they are just fishing and not even having much luck at it.  Now Jesus comes to them, far off and unrecognizable at first but calling to them none the less.  Then as the disciples start to pay attention to Him and move more into His presence He becomes both recognizable and interactive in their lives, aiding them in their work as well as giving them real and spiritual food.

How often do we miss this kind of opportunity to interact with our Lord and Savior?  How many times has the Lord approached us in the course of our everyday lives and we are too busy, distracted or even uninterested to take notice of Him?  It seems that we only pay attention to God when it is convenient for us, when we have need or want.  We fail to understand that Christ comes to us, seeks us out, consistently and in places that we do not suspect.  The idea is to be attentive, ready to see God wherever and whenever we may be.  To live our lives with the intention and concentration that it takes to be open to the encounters with the risen Lord is to live our lives as Christians engaged in loving relationships with one another which cannot help but lead us back to God.

Your Servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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