Good Sheppard Sunday


We are called today and in fact every day to become better followers of our Lord.  The concept of discipleship did not end with the age of the Apostles, we are chosen to be the disciples of today, chosen by our baptism into the body of Christ.  We are called to be part of the “multitude” from the reading from Revelation, those “who have survived the time of great distress.”  There is a cost of discipleship however, there are no free passes, the cost is ones very life.  We must turn our lives over to the will of God and follow the call of Christ.  Just as the sheep that Jesus speaks of in the Gospel, we must hear His voice and follow Him where He will lead us.  Each and every one of us is called by God to a higher standard, a better life, to be saints with Him in Heaven.  If we are not shooting for sainthood then we are aiming too low!  The graces that God provides to us, especially through the Sacraments are the fuel that we need to make our spiritual engines take us to our final destination.  When we realize that there is nothing in this world, even our very lives, that has not been given to us by God, we can come to an understanding that we are called to return that very life back to God as a gift freely given.  It is only after we have made this giving of one’s self back to God that we truly begin to really live our lives.

Your Servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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