Prayer and the Bible


The use of Scripture in ones prayer life has many advantages, it allows us to “hear” the word of God in a more personal and private way than one would at Mass.  It allows for quiet reflection that allows a deeper meaning of a passage to come to us.  When one prays with Scripture we do not have to even use a large portion of text, one paragraph that strikes or even one sentence can grab our attention and give us an insight as to how God wants to communicate Himself to us.

The Psalms are frequently used in the prayer life of the Church and can be an excellent part of our daily prayer and reflection.  They often provide an imagery of how dependent we are on the care from our Father in Heaven and the love that He has for those who believe in Him and worship Him.

Reading the Gospels is also a great way for us to pray as well.  Going to one Gospel and taking the time to reflect on the life of Christ allows us to enter into the world of the time that Jesus walked the Earth and ponder His teaching and His interaction with His disciples, those who were in fear of Him, and those who were healed by him.

One may also have a favorite passage in the Bible that they like to read, it is amazing how many different ways we can be affected by the same piece of Scripture, not because the Scripture has changed but we have changed either are experience is now different or our emotional state is different or we may have learned more about the Scripture that we are reading so we could delve deeper into it than we could have in the past.

Whether you are an experienced student of the Bible or never have had the chance to pray with Scripture anyone and everyone can receive abundant graces and gifts from taking the Word of God, reading some passage or other and allowing ourselves to be moved and affected by His word.  Remember that the Word of God has effect and will move you toward a deeper relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit if you allow it to do so.  Amen.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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