The Orlando Tragedy


The following is an article from our parish bulletin for this weekend.

What is the Christian response to unspeakable evil and senseless killing? When we reflect upon the terrorist massacre that killed 50 innocent people and left at least 53 other people seriously wounded, we must look to Jesus as our model. As Christians, following His example, we believe in the value and dignity of each human person as a beloved child of God. We condemn any form of hatred for others based upon gender, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We need to work hard to end prejudice and discrimination in our own lives and in the culture of our families.

It is particularly odious to defend terrorist acts as being required by a religion or a political ideology. It is, furthermore, a distorted understanding of Islam to use it as an excuse for the perpetration of evil. We know that when Jesus was confronted with the killing of the innocent, He called out for justice, prayer and the practice of non-violence. He proposed unconditional love and mercy as the Christian way of life in this troubled and struggling world. When on the cross as He forgave His own murderers, He modeled the ideal for all Christians to strive after and imitate. We know that only love, mercy, forgiveness and understanding can move us forward in this time of numbing tragedy. Let us fervently pray for all of the Orlando victims, their loved ones and families. Let us also re-commit ourselves to a life of Christian action and virtuous living that squarely stands in the face of evil and transforms it through love.
Msgr. Michael D. McGraw


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