Where is the Message?


The words that Moses speaks to the people in the first reading today are ones of great eloquence.  The way that Moses goes about describing the location of the message that needed to be carried out, I find simply brilliant.  It is not a message in the sky or a message from across sea that someone had to retrieve and then explain so they could understand and then put it into action.  The message that they needed to “hear” was already in their mouths and in their hearts and all that they had to do is “carry it out.”  Moses is telling the people that God has already placed His law inside them and that they already know it because He has written it into their hearts and placed it upon their lips, the thing that they must do is to carry out that law.

In our Gospel we have a similar situation as the Old Testament reading, the scholar knew the answer to the question that he was trying to trap Jesus with, it is Jesus who turned the tables and had the scholar answer his own question.  When the man answered rightly Jesus told him that what he needed to do now is to actually live out the law in order to have life.

We also know “the law,” we have been taught time and time again throughout our lives the things that we need to do to have eternal life and it was already written in our hearts from the time that we were created.  The problem is that we get so distracted living our ordinary, oh so busy, lives that we forget the things that we need to do to have life eternal.  So as we go about our days let us keep our “eternal eyesight” open and look for the times that we run across, those in need, those victims who we run across in our daily lives, to take the time, demonstrate our love and help them the best that we can.  Then we will be living out that law that we already know, that which is written within our hearts.

Your Servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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