That’s a King?


The gospel reading today seems a bit strange for celebrating the kingship of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.  The rulers of the Jews were mocking Jesus as was Pilate who put the inscription above Jesus stating that He was the King of the Jews.  The only one who recognized Jesus as a true king was the criminal who saw that Jesus was innocent and something more than a man when he rebuked the other criminal and asked Jesus to remember him when Jesus comes into His Kingdom.

When we think of a king who is raised up and enthroned we usually do not think that he is raised up on a cross, but this is how our King was treated.  However, through the blessing of the Resurrection, the cross now becomes the symbol of His triumph!  The symbol of the crucifix now adorns our churches and homes as a reminder of what God has accomplished for us in His passion death and resurrection, our very salvation.  Who would have thought that an instrument of torture and death would become a symbol of triumph over death itself!  What a genius God is using a symbol of death to triumph over death and to make it now a symbol of eternal life!

So as we reflect on the Kingship of Jesus today, the King of the Universe, the King over all that exists we are compelled to ponder the love that God must have for us, giving His beloved Son to us not only as a sacrifice for our salvation but also that food from Heaven that satisfies our spiritual hunger as well. Amen

Your Servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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