Patience, Who has the time?


3rd Sunday Advent  2016

The second reading today from the letter of Saint James expounds on the need for patience, in fact he uses the word patient four times in this one short paragraph, four times in four sentences.  It would seem that Saint James wanted to get a point across to his readers, HAVE PATIENCE.  It would seem, however, in the world of today patience is something that is very scarce, we want everything now and not a moment later.  We have fast food, instant messaging, speed dialing, high speed internet and about anything else that you can think of that makes are world come to us at our demand.  With all of this activity and the pace of our lives there is little room for the practice of patience in our lives.  I should be the one to talk with my driving behavior which I will not discuss here and please do not ask my wife.  However if we examine the reading from James we can see that he uses the word patience in relationship to the coming of our Lord.  We are now in that same mode in this season of Advent and as we enter into the third week of this wonderful season are we patiently waiting for the coming of our Savior or are we fretting about getting those last presents bought and wrapped or those decorations up or those cookies baked?  We celebrate this season only once every year as a time to prepare ourselves for something that has already happened and yet is to happen again but this time not a baby being born in Bethlehem but the child, the Son of God coming into our hearts and allowing us to be born again.  God gives us the gift of Himself again and again, offering us a peace, a conversion, a gift of everlasting life if only we have the patience and understanding that it is only in Him do we truly find the meaning of our lives.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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