The Meek will Peek


4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The reading from the first Letter to the Corinthians by Saint Paul seems to be the perfect compliment to the Gospel reading of the Beatitudes.  Saint Paul tells us that if we have anything to boast about it is in the Lord.  In and of ourselves we have nothing to boast of because all that we are, all that has been given to us and any worth that we may have has been bestowed upon us by God.   The Beatitudes demonstrate how the virtues of humility, patience, courage and charity are the very foundations for our relationships with one another, given to us from the very mouth of God incarnate.  Both Paul and Jesus are talking about living in a way that is counter to the “wisdom of the world” and based on the wisdom of God and the way that His creation was intended to be, in loving relationship with one another.  The more that we look to the world for answers, or our own wants and desires the more we will move away from our intended purpose.  The more that we look toward the will of God in our lives and the needs of  the other the closer we will move toward the purpose for which we were created.  In the culture of “its all about me” blessed are they who love one another, for God will show His mercy and love to them.

Yours in Christ

Deacon Bill


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