Food for Forever


The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ 2017

Christ waits for us.  Christ waits for us as we work, as we play, as we sleep, He is ever there, patient and at the ready.  There is never a time in our lives that Christ is not present for us to turn to even in our darkest of times.  The Lord is faithful the Lord is true to His promises and the Lord is persistent in His search for His prodigal people.  We have but to turn to Him even in our sinfulness and He will be there for us.

The presence of Christ in our lives never takes a more meaningful form than that of His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity that we receive in the Holy Eucharist.  The Communion line offers us a wonderful analogy of how Christ abides with His people in our lives.  The procession that we partake in on our way to receive the Eucharist should be a time of prayer, praise and worship.  We reflect on the areas of our lives that need more Christ in them.  We celebrate with our fellow worshipers the life giving food that we are about to receive, the food that gives us life eternal.  We receive the Eucharist with a reverence and awe due to our Creator and King, and we do all of this together as that other body of Christ, His Church, His people.  After the Mass is completed the words “go in peace” reach our ears, urging us to take Christ out into the world and for us to be Christ for all of those that we meet on our path.

This celebration of the Body and Blood of Christ is the celebration of our faith at its pinnacle, in what Vatican II called, “the source and summit” of our spiritual lives.  May we be worthy of such a gift and may we be thankful to God for this treasure.  Amen.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Bill


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